Our passion is in helping people fall in love with their existing homes, whether or not they believe it is their 'dream' home. By teaching people how to clear out unwanted items, and make the best use of their existing belongings, we help them live their life, their way.

We know that all homes, and the people that live within them, are unique. We also know that by helping people learn why they are unhappy with their homes, and what behaviours have led them to this point, they will be able to create a space that is sustainable and enjoyable.

Do you want to have a big impact on your home?

Book your free consultation with Marika to see how she can work with you to create a home that supports your lifestyle. By the time you finish your time together, you will have made a space to live your life, your way.

Marika Vrieling's obsession is with helping people make the most of the homes they are living in. Rather than wait for the chance to be in your dream home, Marika believes it is possible to teach anybody to create their version of their dream home, without ever having to move. Far from being a minimalist, Marika does believe in the power of a good declutter.

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Find a course that suits what you most need to work on. Work at your own pace and be supported to apply what you have learned to your own home or workplace.

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