Imagine walking in the door at the end of the day and not having to climb over things on your way to the kitchen. As much as we love our children, they come with a lot of stuff! We find that the majority of families we work with feel overwhelmed with the amount of belongings that goes along with family life, and need help to stop the clutter taking over.  It is possible for your children to have plenty of toys and sporting equipment to make use of, and to have an organised home.  We can work with your family to determine what is being used and what can be let go of. Once we have pared down what you want to keep, we work with you to find a home for everything so that all members of the family can take responsibility for keeping their spaces organised. In working with families, our goal is to create spaces that everyone feels comfortable in and are easy to maintain. No show homes!

Another common area of family stress is getting everyone ready for routine tasks such as going to school, work and after school activities. We can work with you to streamline these routines to help take the stress out of the everyday.

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