Home in focus – the bedroom

Do you look at images of beautiful, calm, bedrooms on Pinterest and wonder if it is possible to make it happen in your home? It is as easy, and as hard, as being deliberate about what you have in your bedroom. And that means only having items that will fit into the available storage space. This doesn’t necessarily mean having to build in a massive amount of storage, although that can be fun too. Instead, try and limit what permanently lives in your bedroom.

One habit to avoid is using the bedroom as a dumping zone for everything that doesn’t have a permanent home. I see lots of people hiding the clutter in their bedroom where visitors won’t see it. But the down side is that you end up trying to relax in the most cluttered room in the house. To deal with the clutter, decide what doesn’t belong in there and either find a home for it somewhere else or donate it. Once you have managed to keep that kind of clutter out, you can tackle the rest.

Clothes and shoes are the biggest storage issue in many people’s bedroom. And considering most people wear 20% of their clothes, 80% of the time, there are probably heaps of clothes and shoes ripe for donating. Be brutal! If you haven’t worn it in a few seasons or you don’t feel great when you wear it, let it go. And if that feels too tough, make a ‘last chance’ pile and give them one last opportunity to make it back into your wardrobe. Donate whatever doesn’t get rescued from that pile within the next month or so.

What should ideally be banned from the bedroom? Kids’ toys, items relating to your job and bills ready to pay, and any unfinished projects. Why? The last thing you want as you’re drifting off to sleep is a reminder of things you haven’t gotten around to yet, or worse still, worried about. And since kids’ toys have the ability of filling every available nook and cranny if we let them, it’s important to find some adult spaces in your home and keep those toys away.

And what about the most contentious issue in bedroom organising, the television? I think having a television in the bedroom is fine as long as the cables aren’t creating visual clutter. I have one in mine, and it is mounted on the wall with the cables tucked away. What you have (and do) in the bedroom is up to, just try and create a space that you want to come home to at the end of the day.